Mountains Fencing Club Inc is a welcoming, inclusive community club which offers coaching, resources and opportunities for members to develop their skills and confidence in an atmosphere of friendliness, encouragement and enthusiasm.

The club comprises a diverse and growing membership united by a unique and supportive team spirit which is encapsulated in our motto ‘Insieme in cima’, together to the top!

Founded by head coach Richard Emmerick in 1994, we are a NSW Fencing affiliated club catering to ages from seven years, including those who are interested in trying out their swashbuckling technique for the first time, and experienced fencers.

Mountains Fencing Club is a not-for-profit community club run entirely by volunteers. Our coaches are AFF accredited, all with up to date WWCC (manditory for coaching accreditation in Australia) and are also volunteers.

Fencing is one of the few sports which requires a strong combination of mental awareness, strategy and fitness. Some call fencing a game of ‘physical chess’, as you are required to use both your brain and body in outwitting your opponent to score a hit.

Fencing has been unfairly tagged an ‘elitist’ sport, but nothing could be further from the truth. Most clubs like ours supply equipment for beginners, and you can buy own gear as you desire. We buy gear direct from the manufacturer and offer it at close to cost price to our members.

Even though fencing is derived from a life or death competition, it is no more dangerous than soccer or cricket. Most injuries are joint and muscle strains resulting from inadequate warm-up before training. Fencing is a great cardiovascular exercise – it strengthens heart and lungs, burns calories, helping participants to lose and or maintain their ideal weight, it also helps improve and maintain balance and tone and define the body.

Throughout our years we have produced numerous fencers who have gone on to represent their state and nation in the art of fencing. Our head coach and club founder, Richard Emmerick, has well over 30 years experience as a fencer and a maestro.

We hope you enjoy looking around this site and hopefully, if you live in the mountains, we may see you down here to try a hand at the blade yourself.